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Wedding Photographer

Special Events

Special Events

Full-service of photo and video production company serving Palawan and beyond, focusing in wedding, sporting events, birthday celebration, pageants, or other important occasion.

We can cover any special occasion you have planned. We can capture your special occasion as a permanent record or for use on your website or social media, from full length coverage to a cut down highlight video. Your audience is restricted to the number of people that can fit in the room, but we can generate a video that you can share with an endless number of people online.

People looking for high-quality, stylish video have come to us. We take great pride in our work and recognize the importance of your special occasion. Let's Do It and Make it JUANTAKE!

List of Services but not limited to..

• Wedding

• Birthdays / Debut

• Christening
• Sporting Events

• Pageant
• Festivals

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